TKO is a trusted contractor in Southeast Louisiana.

We promise to uphold our core values of integrity, quality & innovation.

As a New Orleans-based general contractor and construction management company, we’ve combined 50 years of experience to specialize in residential (single and multi-family homes), commercial, educational, and retail construction. Our widespread expertise ranges from pre-construction services to complete turn-key construction projects.

Our mission is simple.

We want to deliver a finely crafted and cost-effective product to our clients, and we’d like for our client relationships to last. Throughout the construction process, you can rest assured you project will receive the utmost care and attention to details.

We work to earn your trust.

We want to be more than just your contractor; we want to be your building partner. To earn that privilege, we listen to your needs and strive to gain your trust. We promise to give you concrete, honest answers. We promise to take responsibility and make the right decisions on your behalf. One integrated team aligned around your vision is capable of delivering spectacular results.

You inspire us.

Your construction project isn’t about us. It’s about you and your organization. It’s about bringing your vision to life. Your vision has inspired us to take the art and science of construction to a new level. We believe better tools and techniques lead to better outcomes. That’s why ingenuity has always been the cornerstone upon which we build. By utilizing state-of-the-art tools in our work, we’re able to anticipate obstacles and optimize productivity. This results in a better construction experience and a better building.

You keep us on our toes.

We’re experts in our industry, but we understand that’s not enough. Learning as much as we can about you or your business and your goals helps us tailor our construction expertise to meet the unique needs of your project. We like to ask questions! And we enjoy spending the time getting to know our clients. By working closely with you and seeing the big picture, we’re able to help you make the right decisions for the success of your project.

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